Bad Diet Choices

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Bad Diet Choices – Oklahoma Tx

There are so many weight loss diets out there but what everyone needs to know is which one or ones are the safest.  Some of the diets say they are good for you but there are multiple reasons why they aren’t.  The best thing to do is to check into the diet before you begin it.  The specific diet you are wanting to use could have some major effects on your body.

Bad Diets

Weight loss diets that do not work are ones that have you miss out on nutrients that are essentials, another has you eat high intakes of saturated fat and cholesterol, and this could increase your risk of heart disease and some different types of cancer.  There are fad diets that individuals have used but they aren’t a healthy way to lose weight.

These diets include Atkins, Zone and Sugar Busters, Fasting, and One Food Diets.  There are also numerous gadgets, gimmicks, and supplements that are out there.  The reason these diets aren’t healthy is because they can send your body into an abnormal metabolic state which is called ketosis.  Ketosis will help in cutting the appetite but it can also cause muscle breakdown and water loss.  This is when you would need to be concerned about dehydration.  If your muscle breaks down that will mean that you are losing an important piece of the body’s calorie furnace.  Your muscles burn more calories than fat.

Bad Diet Tips

Some of the bad weight loss diet tips include:  Fat makes you fat.  If you are eating the right types of fats in your diet they will help you keep from becoming fat.  Lose weight by stopping the snacks.  If you eat healthy snacks your energy levels will stay high all through the day.  Carbs should be cut out.  If carbohydrates are eaten in excess yes it could be bad for you but the healthy carbohydrates like 100% whole grains or fruit are good for you.  An empty stomach will help you burn calories during a workout.  If you skip a meal before you work out it could result in you losing muscle loss.

When you are looking at losing some weight there are so many options for you.  You don’t need to use some fad diets.  The best thing to do is to lose the weight in a healthy way.  By losing weight this way you have more of a potential of keeping the weight off.  You can also begin a regular fitness workout which is also a good way to work on your weight loss.


Dr. Cook