What Is Chelation Therapy? – Weatherford, OK

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What Is Chelation Therapy? – Weatherford, OK

Chelation therapy can be simply described as a medical procedure that is used to extract heavy metals form the body using the help of substances that are known as chelating agents. If someone is exposed to heavy metal poisoning or has an overload of certain heavy metal in the body then chelation therapy is the only way to remedy the condition.

Chelation therapy has its origins partly in the chemical process known as chelation and partly in the challenging circumstances that were during chemical attacks in World War 1. Chelation is a chemical process where molecules of certain ions cling onto metal ions to form different kinds of bonds. These types of bonding of ions change the nature of the metal ion or the metal itself, resulting in the formation of a different compound that has its own set of characteristics.

Heavy metals have several risks and they can prove to be fatal for humans. When certain ions bond with the heavy metals, the latter cease to be fatal and may not have any subsequent threats to one’s health at all. These ions or substances that are used to bond with the heavy metals are known as chelators, chelating agents or chelation agents. In most cases, the compounds used are organic in nature.

Chelation therapy is under the domain of clinical toxicology and is considered to be a risky medical treatment. Only experts conduct chelation therapy under veteran medical supervision. Use of chelation agents or over the counter medications that claim to have effect of chelation therapy are to be absolutely avoided. Chelation therapy often takes the IV therapy route to be carried out.

There are some types of heavy metal poisoning which are more common than others. Arsenic poisoning, lead poisoning, mercury poisoning and copper poisoning, are more common than others. If your condition has caused significant damage to your skin or such is the threat then along with chelation therapy, you may be subjected to an IV therapy to get you desirable quantum of vitamin C.

Some of the chelating agents that are used in chelation therapy are Dimercaprol for acute arsenic poisoning, acute mercury poisoning, lead poisoning and Lewisite poisoning, Dimercaptosuccinic acid (DMSA)          for lead poisoning, arsenic poisoning and mercury poisoning, Dimercapto-propane sulfonate (DMPS)           for severe acute arsenic poisoning and severe acute mercury poisoning, Penicillamine for copper toxicity, gold toxicity, arsenic poisoning, lead poisoning and rheumatoid arthritis, Ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid (calcium disodium versante) (CaNa2-EDTA) for lead poisoning, Deferoxamine and Deferasirox for acute iron poisoning and iron overload.


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