What are the Effects of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? – Weatherford, OK

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What are the Effects of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? – Weatherford, OK

Carpal Tunnel syndrome or CTS is a condition involving the hand and arm of a person. It causes a tingling sensation and sometimes, numbness to the affected areas. This condition tends to affect the index finger, middle finger and thumb.

The symptoms include:

  • A dull ache at the limbs
  • Paraesthesia or the sensation of tingling, prickling or burning of person’s skin with no apparent long term physical effect.
  • Thumb weakness

Cause of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

This is commonly caused by compression of one of the nerves that controls the sensation and movement in the hands which known as the median nerve. Carpal tunnel is narrow passageway in your wrist comprises of small bones and tough band of tissue that serve as a pulley for tendons to bend the fingers.

It is still cannot be determined why the median nerve compressed but these specific things might be the reason of the increase the risks of Carpal tunnel syndrome development such as family history of CTS, pregnancy- according to studies about 50% of the pregnant women who develop CTS, injuries to the wrist, strenuous and repetitive work with hand and swelling. This may include basal joint arthritis, trigger finger, and rheumatoid arthritis.  Carpal tunnel syndrome may also be an effect of a prevalent wrist fracture .

Effects of the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The symptoms of the syndrome will gradually develop and just like any diseases, symptoms will improve if one stops or changes an activity that is helping to cause the condition.

Carpal tunnel syndrome can also cause:

  • Loss of coordination in the fingers and hand. The muscles in the thumb can become weak and waste away. This make it difficult to grip or hold objects
  • Permanent damage to the median nerve. This will give you trouble using the hand.
  • Intense pain that shoots up the arm to shoulder

Although some medical conditions like diabetes can increase the risk to a person for carpal tunnel syndrome, in most cases it is caused by repetitive motions of the hands or wrist. The syndrome is most common for the middle aged people but so rare for the young people. This is because they are not yet exposed to the repetitive motions that can cause the syndrome.

In addition to this, carpal tunnel syndrome is considered as Repetitive Stress Injury. The earlier that this syndrome is diagnosed and treated, the better the results can be. The diagnosis includes physical examination and possible X-rays and typically chiropractic care for carpal tunnel is now available. Management of the carpal tunnel is based on its level of severity.

A chiropractor who treats carpal tunnel, holds to the philosophy that misalignments of the spine affect the body’s ability and capability to function and can contribute to health problems. These misalignments need to be, and can be, and should be corrected through chiropractic therapy. Many of the patients of carpal tunnel do so to prevent them from relying from medications.


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