Fall Allergies to Be Aware Of – Weatherford, Ok

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Fall Allergies to Be Aware Of – Weatherford, Ok

As the season changes, so does the atmosphere, and the allergens in the air. So what Fall Allergies should the good folks of the world need to watch out for?  What can cause the most problems in the fall?  The following three types of allergies are the most outrageous in the fall.

The first is a problem for the most people.  Ragweed is a huge allergen that is at play in the fall season.  The yellow flower weed begins sending it’s pollen into the air in August and keeps it coming through October. This can cause the people who react to the allergen to have issues with bananas, melons, and other fruits and veggies.

Another major problem in the fall is mold.  Yes, the mold that will grow in the bathroom, but also mold spores.  The mold spores will grow in wet spots no matter what or where it is.  Damp leaves are a common place that mold spores will grow in the wild.

One more of those fall allergies are also when dust mites become more prevalent.  The dust mites are common as the summer speeds on, but when the cold comes around, and people begin turning on their heaters, the dust mites get thrown in the air,

Symptoms of fall allergies are very similar to those of spring: runny nose, watery and itchy eyes, and sneezing, coughing, dark circles under the eyes.  Sometimes people will even have a headache. For anyone who has ever suffered through an allergy spell, cannot express how strongly it’s one of the most miserable things in the world. The question then becomes, how to treat the allergies.

One way to treat them is to visit your local Oklahoma allergy doctor, who can prescribe antihistamines that can have some really intense side effects.  If a person does not want to risk the side effects of antihistamines, the can visit their Oklahoma chiropractor.

When a person chooses to visit their chiropractor for allergy care, they will be able to have the pressures that are being placed on their nervous system released.  The nervous system has been known to help with the immune system which can help relieve a person’s allergies.  Having the spine realign, the body can heal itself.

Having a body that is aligned, the body can function at a higher efficiently level.  It allows the body can really find its balance and take care of itself.  So when it comes time for the fall allergy season to hit people hard.  They need to find themselves at the chiropractic office, and not the allergy office.


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