What Are Foods That Stress The Body? – Weatherford OK

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What Are Foods That Stress The Body? – Weatherford OK

Stress is considered to be a state of mind which is primarily caused due to pressures of various kinds. Anxiety can cause stress, so can a huge workload. But a physical ailment or condition can stress you and so can malnutrition. Obesity, high blood pressure, hypertension, diabetes and a poor diet or a sedentary lifestyle, can also be causes of stress.

You may or may not have taken note of it but your body reacts differently to certain foods. There are many foods that can cause stress, just as how there are certain foods which can naturally reduce your stress levels. If you wish to remain free of stress and associated pain or the ill effects then you need to avoid stress foods. You can albeit opt for chiropractic care to combat stress but even a chiropractor would recommend you to avoid stress foods completely.

Now, what are these stress foods? A short description of stress foods would be any food item that is not organically grown, has been processed or contains toxins in some form or the other. Additives, artificial flavourings or preservatives, foods that have been exposed to lots of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, foods that have been treated to enhance their taste or to make them last longer are certainly the common stress foods.

When you wake up in the morning, you need to avoid caffeine if you wish to be free of stress. You cannot force your body to get up and be dealt a blow in the form of a cup of coffee. Caffeine may seem to give you energy and can instantly wake you up from the slumberous aftermath of a night and early morning but it actually does more harm to your immune system and thus your body. You should also avoid cereals or sugar rich foods. Don’t eat anything for breakfast that has a lot of sugar, preservatives or is a ready to make food. This approach should apply for the whole day.

Eating whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, lean meat such as chicken and turkey, fish, seeds and nuts is the best strategy. These foods do not hamper your immune system or your digestive abilities. Besides, you would also lead a healthy and fit lifestyle with such foods. You would also remain active, energetic and be able to manage your weight with such food choices.

The moment you eat a food that has more unwanted ingredients or some magical formula in the form of supplements or tinned foods, your body is forced to digest what it is not supposed to and in the process, your body gets stressed.


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