How can Chiropractic Care Help Allergy Symptoms?

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How can Chiropractic Care Help Allergy Symptoms?

Dr. Douglas Cook, a Weatherford OK Chiropractor, treats people with allergies. Chiropractic is a natural care method that boosts immunity and helps the body to perform at an optimal level. The proper functioning of body parts is crucial to people with allergic symptoms.

Food allergies affect about 8% of the American population. 10-30 % of the people in the developed world have allergic symptoms.

What are Allergies?

An allergy is an adverse reaction that happens when the body is exposed to substances or environmental conditions. Allergic reactions such as sinus problems, runny nose, red eyes and throat irritation occurs because the immune system negatively reacts to an allergen hence produces high levels of neutralizing chemicals to counter the allergens. The allergic persons may suffer sneezing or skin itching. The Weatherford Chiropractor helps deal with the allergic symptoms by keeping the immune system 100 % organic, so the body can remove substances it considers foreign. The foreign substances include pet dander, bacteria, drugs, dust, foods, and pollen.

How Does a Chiropractor Help?

The spinal cord and brain boost the body’s immunity. Any irritation of the upper cervical joint may trigger allergic conditions or asthmatic symptoms. Dr. Douglas Cook strengthens the respiratory and immune system so as to enhance the communication between the spinal cord and brain. The Weatherford OK Chiropractor through chiropractic adjustments of your spinal cord will ensure that the natural channels of communication between the brain and spine are working properly.

Emotional stress, an unhealthy body, dysfunctional nerves, and hormonal imbalances also contribute to allergic illnesses. The unhealthy body parts and systems cannot detect or remove foreign substances. Chiropractic care regulates the histamine and cortisol produced during allergic attacks. A chiropractor also helps maintain the balance of allergy fighting hormones. The doctor can treat the weak adrenal gland and spinal misalignments to cure your allergic illnesses.

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