Is The Metaboic Weight Loss Plan Metabolically Diabolical?

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Is The Metaboic Weight Loss Plan Metabolically Diabolical?

There’s a landslide of people jumping gleefully onto the METABOLIC WEIGHT LOSS Diet revival bandwagon, in the castigated hopes of a ride to finally rattle them free from the vice-grip of obesity. Claiming to melt up to 30 stubborn pounds of fat away each month, this homeopathic cure for obesity is creating a stir in the Nutritionists’ hot pot and getting served with a generous dollop of controversy.

The secret ingredient, human chorionic gonadotropin (METABOLIC WEIGHT LOSS ), is a pregnancy hormone. Only few drops (administered orally) are taken daily to melt the flab away on a crazily-close-to-starvation diet of a meagre 500 calories a day. It will do this, magically targeting those impossible to slim-down areas, while revving up your metabolic rate and keeping it racing all day, at a normal pace. Without hunger pains or drowsiness. Without a single side-effect. It is a Nitrous Oxide System for your metabolism!

Surely, the good Doctor Doug Cook’s metabolic weight loss drops are the greatest magic potion ever concocted as even Gummy Berry Juice failed to slim down a single portly Gummy Bear!

Question Is Can Your System Take It?
Not according to the FDA who say, “steer clear,” and criminalize the potentially dangerous practices encouraged by the program. As far as the FDA is concerned, this diet is the dangerously impossible dieter’s dream, and it won’t keep the calories burned, off. Dr. Cook’s claims about the weight loss being catalyzed by the presence of METABOLIC WEIGHT LOSS , are officially, and resolutely dismissed in an article pointedly titled: “METABOLIC WEIGHT LOSS Diet Products Are Illegal,” on the FDA’s website. They argue that the astounding weight-shedding is purely a result of dieters starving themselves on the program.

No Exhibit. No Case?
Snooping about Dr. Doug Cook’s official METABOLIC WEIGHT LOSS blogspot for juicy tit-bits from dismayed or even happy disciples, is a let down of note. Post after tedious post of predictable promotional blurb is peppered intermittently with a series of equally unremarkable, infomercial type videos advocating the diet… And not a single customer comment.

Searching for a lone bad review also delivered nothing. Can it be that perfect? It’s possible. Then again, it is also quite possible that another side-effect may be a Serotin-induced high which renders dieters using METABOLIC WEIGHT LOSS blinded to any side-effects they could be enjoying.