What Is IV Therapy? – Weatherford, OK

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What Is IV Therapy? –  Weatherford, OK

IV therapy, also known as intravenous therapy, is a medical procedure in which a liquid substance or substances are directly infused into the veins. The term intravenous literally means inside the vein or within the vein. IV therapy involves making a tiny incision in the patient at a point to make the quickest and strongest contact with a vein and then the liquid substance or substances are allowed to enter the bloodstream through the vein.

The place where the incision is made, in other words where the needle is inserted, is usually the hands or forearms. Wrists, upper arms and other parts of the body are used in some but rare cases. The incision can be made with needles of different sizes, depending on the treatment that is being carried out. There are 18-gauge needles, 20-gauge needles and different kinds of needles pertaining to their shape and various purposes.

IV therapy is categorised specialty pharmaceuticals but it is not used in any one form of treatment. IV therapy may be used in a number of different medical procedures and for various necessities. IV therapy can be used for relatively less significant conditions such as hydration, in which case fluids are directly infused in the veins to hydrate the body. You may opt for Vitamin C IV’s or chiropractic and IV therapy combined at Oklahoma Health and Wellness Centre. IV therapy can also be used in relatively complicated and serious cases such as chemotherapy. Some of the many medical treatments that use IV therapy include blood transfusion, electrolyte balancing, to deliver any or several kinds of medications and as part of a larger medical procedure as well.

IV therapy involves an incision but it is not classified as a surgery. There are many reasons why IV therapy is used. In many cases, a patient is unable to swallow medications or the patient’s body is unable to digest and absorb medications or any fluids that are administered to him or her. In such a situation, infusing the blood with the necessary medications or fluids is the only option. The method of IV therapy is also popular because infusing the bloodstream with any fluids or medications is easiest when done through the veins. In case of topical solutions, the skin is the medium. In case of oral medications or ingested fluids, the digestive system is the medium and also responsible for the absorption and rejection of the ingredients in the medicines or fluids. Infusing them through the vein directly leads the entire content to the bloodstream which then quickly gets circulated throughout the body.


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