Learn About Treating Arthritis Naturally During Arthritis Care Awareness Month

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Learn About Treating Arthritis Naturally During Arthritis Care Awareness Month

April is Arthritis Care Awareness Month. It’s the perfect time to examine what causes this condition to flare up, what suffers can do to alleviate their symptoms, and what natural treatment options exist to make the symptoms subside for good.

The Truth About Arthritis

It is a common belief among doctors and patients that inflammation of the joints is something that is inevitable. They state that the best medicine is to simply take your mind off the pain or discomfort that you might feel.

The truth is that the kind of pain that exists in the joints is not one that you should have to deal with. Dr. Douglas Cook, Weatherford OK chiropractor, shares in the relatively newer belief that these types of pains can and should be alleviated by treating the underlying causes.

In doing so, patients can experience less pain and more mobility. They maintain a greater quality of life. They can do the things that they’ve always wanted to do.

All it takes is a few simple changes in how this problem is treated.

Treating the Root of the Problem

There are two main treatments for this condition from a natural healthcare standpoint. Both can be as effective as pharmaceuticals, and they may even provide better results than drugs could ever hope to achieve.

The two categories of treatment are: diet and exercise.

The diet component of treatment aims to deal with the inflammation and to help the body rebuild joints as much as possible to reduce any potential swelling. Deep-sea fish containing omega 3, turmeric, ginger extract and a low-allergen diet are just a few of the things that a Weatherford OK chiropractor may recommend for his or her patient.

The other component deals with exercise. Stretches increase flexibility and help increase blood flow; muscle strengthening helps to stabilize joints to prevent further damage; and aerobic exercise helps to inhibit inflammation while substantially increasing blood flow to affected parts of the body.

When these two methods of care are combined, patients can experience a life free of pain with the ability to grasp things and to perform everyday activities without problems.

Now is the Perfect Time to Treat the Causes and Symptoms

April is the month that you and anyone else whom suffers from it should realize that arthritis isn’t untreatable. There are many options available to reduce the symptoms by treating the causes of inflammation in the joints.

If you’re tired of suffering, then now is the time to contact a professional like Dr. Douglas Cook. Contact us for more information at 580-774-2214.