New 33,000 square foot Health and Wellness facility expected to open Spring 2015.

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Offering Weatherford a grand health experience, Dr. Doug Cook of Oklahoma Health

and Wellness Center wants to announce the groundbreaking of the new 33,000 square foot

Health and Wellness facility at the Airport Road/I-40 exit on the south side of the interstate

expected to open Spring 2015.

As the general public shifts more toward staying healthy, Cook’s new facility will offer

area residents a full spectrum of health care “unlike any other facility in Oklahoma” according

to Cook. The new facility will include space for three chiropractors, three medical doctors, a

physical therapy and rehab area, a gym facility, a full spectrum spa and locker rooms.

Giving area residents easy access to whole foods, the new facility will also include a

Health Foods Store and a café that will serve healthy and organic food options and drinks.

The spa services will include massages and facials, as well as anti-aging therapies such as

Botox, Juvederm and laser skin resurfacing. Locker rooms included with the spa services will

have an eight person hot tub, a steam sauna and dry sauna in each men’s and women’s sides.

The new Health and Wellness Center will also be the new 17,000 square foot home of

SWOL Sports and Performance of Weatherford, currently owned and operated by Josh Musick,

former strength and conditioning coach at SWOSU.

“SWOL Sport Performance will be bringing one-on-one personal training for all of the

Western Oklahoma area athletes,” said Cook. “They provide CROSSFIT, which is the fastest

growing group workouts in the nation, weight lifting and weight training, Mixed Martial Arts

training, various selections of programs for youth and a host of various cardio equipment.”

According to Cook, SWOL currently trains basketball, football and softball athletes

across Western Oklahoma and will continue to do so in its new home.

The facility will also include a large conference room area that will be used for teaching

people lessons on how to live healthy as well as how to cook healthy. Lessons will also include

regular training of preventive measures for diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity,

cancer and many more.

Other health care opportunities offered at the new facility will include “services for

medical care, chiropractic care, a host of alternative medicine therapies, DOT physicals, pre-

employment physicals, school physicals, weight control and Bio-identical Hormone

Replacement therapy” according to Cook.

The staff at the new Health and Wellness Center will include athletic trainers for

physical therapy and rehabilitative services and Cook plans to add several new personnel to his

staff. The rehabilitation room will also serve as a safe room.

“This will be a state-of-the-art complex which will service the entire state,” said Cook.

“Currently because of the services already offered at Oklahoma Health and Wellness, patients

come from all over the state and many out of state.”