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Many physicians are just now becoming aware of the newest techniques developed to measure the condition of the heart and circulation, without risk to the patient. Testing patients by injecting dyes through tubes called catheters carries a high degree of risk and many patients have died or been left crippled by these testing methods. The methods we use, called “non-invasive studies,” are very safe and harmless. These methods are useful to diagnose arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), vasospasm, blocked blood vessels, and other circulatory problems. We utilize the latest in vascular testing equipment and methods.

Autopsy studies have found 40% of everyone by the age of 20 have atherosclerotic changes. Statistics show almost 100% of people by the age of 50 already have measurable peripheral vascular diseases detectable by these sensitive measuring devices, even though the majority have no symptoms of circulatory disease.

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