Oklahoma Drug Screening

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Drug Testing Weatherford Oklahoma

Drug testing has become necessary in the work environment. In some occupations or companies it is mandatory for employees to be tested regularly because of the sensitivity of their work. It is in the policy that candidates are required to agree to, before they are hired. Drug testing Weatherford Oklahoma can be done for various people especially those in the transport industry, ranging from those who work in aviation, railroads, trucking, pipelines, and mass transit among others.

The department of transport is one of the bodies that determine the best option and ways that the tests should be carried out. It publishes rules for the firms that have the authority to conduct drug and alcohol tests, regulates how they should be conducted, and stipulates the approved procedures that are to be used during testing. The regulations cover millions of employees in transportation.

The most common tests are for illegal drugs and alcohol. Urine is tested for illegal drugs while the breathalyzer is used to test for alcohol. Regulations call for testing at different periods so as to ensure that employees are always clean. Pre-employment, post-accident, random, reasonable suspicion and return-to duty testing are very important. Employees should pass all of these tests at all times. The DOT test panel includes testing for multiple drugs such as amphetamine, marijuana, cocaine, morphine, PCP just to mention a few.

Pre-employment drug testing Weatherford Oklahoma is very common. Businesses adhere to this test so as to be in compliance with the requirements of the Department of transport. This test also ensures that the work place is safe for everyone.

Post-accident drug testing is done after an employee has been involved in an accident or any other incident while on the job. The main reason why it is carried out is to protect the company from any liability. The person under scrutiny may have been under the influence at the time the incident took place. If drugs or alcohol are found in the employees’ body, then the company can make a strong argument against any complaint filed. The grounds for the dismissal of the case will be that the person was intoxicated on the job hence the company should not be held responsible for the outcome.
Random drug testing is a very effective format. This is why a growing number of institutions are adopting the practice. It discourages employees from using drugs because they are not sure when a test will be carried out. Drug testing Weatherford Oklahoma is highly recommended.