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Why You Should Be On A Holistic Food Diet

Holistic food or organic foods are a better alternative to tinned and processed foods. Across the world, there is a revolution of sorts where people are shunning the idea of buying precooked or processed and ready to cook foods for holistic food. Organic foods which are naturally grown in a chemical free setting are healthy foods that creates healthy lifestyle.
There is a plethora of reasons why a holistic food diet would be rewarding for any and sundry. Here are just some of the many advantages of organic foods.

• Holistic food is rich in nutrients that the body needs.  When you buy processed foods, tinned food and precooked or ready to cook foods, you can check out the labels and you shall find a horde of different chemicals, additives, preservatives, and plenty of such toxins are in the container, which are of no utility for the human body.

Some foods that do not contain much of the toxins are only rich in any one nutrient.  You will find many foods rich in carbohydrates but few that provide the necessary protein and dietary fiber. Vitamins and minerals are the most neglected in foods bought off the racks. A holistic food diet is a balanced diet wherein you get all the necessary and essential nutrients that the body needs.  You get adequate carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, vitamins, dietary fiber and antioxidants among others.

• A holistic food diet uses organic foods that are locally produced and sourced. Since not every region produces or grows all types of foods throughout the year, one is confined to seasonal produces. Seasonal foods have an advantage since they do not need to be stored or preserved. They are fresh from the farm and are rich in the nutrients that the organic foods have to offer.  The moment you store organic foods using the help of chemicals, you are compromising on the nutrient content.

• Most organic foods can be eaten fresh. You can juice the fruits and vegetables, mildly cook the foods to make amazingly tasty meals and you can also eat many organic foods without juicing or cooking. This saves one time and labor. It also saves a lot of money which would be inevitably spent if all foods have to be cooked.
There are several other advantages of a holistic food diet but in a nutshell, organic foods are very healthy food that creates healthy lifestyle and all and sundry should switch to holistic food.



Dr. Douglas Cook