What Does Organic Mean in Terms of Healthy Food? -Weatherford, OK

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What Does Organic Mean in Terms of Healthy Food? -Weatherford, OK

Organic food has the potential to give you a healthier lifestyle and it has many other benefits as well.  As a popular topic of discussion, more and more people are wondering what organic really means as the term is everywhere in the health community.  With that being said, having the opportunity to purchase organic food can better your life and the lives of everyone around you.  Below are the benefits associated with organic living.

The European Study

As per a 25 million dollar European study, organic food has far more health benefits than traditionally grown food (http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/86972.php).  The study focussed on the health attributes animals received when being fed organic food instead of regularly harvested food.  The animals that were studied showed a decrease in unnecessary body fats and a drastic increase in the amount of antioxidants within the food that the animals produced.

When they studied the vegetables that were grown organically, they had over 40% more antioxidants than their counterparts.  Also, the milk that was derived from the organically fed cows contained over 90% more antioxidants.

With that being said, they determined that eating purely organically grown food helps the human body to:

  • Improve its sleeping habits
  • Decrease its chance of contracting cancer
  • Reduces the risk of heart disease
  • Promote a healthier form of weight loss

Genetically Engineered Food

According to the Institute for Responsible Technology, the majority of un-organic crops are grown and genetically enhanced for size and taste.  Although you may think that this is beneficial when you are looking to cook or eat these fruits, they have been thoroughly tested to show that they have chemical toxins within their seeds.  Toxins that have the potential to destroy the inner working of our bodies.

What Organic Really Means

When you are considering going grocery shopping for organic food in Weatherford OK, consider what organic really means.  Foods that are certified as organic have been tested by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) to ensure that they are comprised of over 95% natural ingredients.  There are an ample amount of strict guidelines that organic food have to abide by in order to be classified as organic.

A tip to think about for the next time you venture to the grocery store is to buy products that are either 100% organic or generally organic in comparison to “Made with Organic Ingredients” as these foods only require 70% organic ingredients.


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