Reasons Why You Would Use IV Therapy Treatment? – Weatherford OK

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Reasons Why You Would Use IV Therapy Treatment? – Weatherford OK

IV therapy can be an option or might be imperative for you. It would entirely depend on what condition or ailment you have or what you have to get treated for. There are many utilities of IV therapy. From Vitamin C IV’s to chiropractic and IV therapy, there are various ways IV therapy is used at Oklahoma Health and Wellness Centre.

Here are some of the many reasons why you would use IV therapy treatment.

Medical Treatments

There are many medical treatments that use IV therapy as the only method or one of the many methods. For instance, if you are undergoing or about to undergo a major operation then your anaesthesia can be carried out using IV therapy. There may be one or many requisites in a major operation which would employ IV therapy. From administering saline or glucose to extensive procedures of blood transfusion, IV therapy is used in myriad instances and for various purposes.


Emergencies often call for IV therapy. The nature of the emergency can also be varied. If someone has met with an accident and needs blood then one would need IV therapy. If a woman is pregnant and has been extremely dehydrated, thus causing an emergency, then too IV therapy would be the method used to infuse fluids into the blood. Different kinds of emergencies demand the use of IV therapy and there isn’t an alternative to this method in certain circumstances. IV therapy can be an immediate response or a prolonged part of a treatment and its recuperation.

Effectiveness Of The Treatment

The primary reason why you would use IV therapy beyond the demands of the treatment is because of the effectiveness of the procedure. IV therapy is the most effective way to infuse any fluid or any specific medication or nutrient in liquid form into the body. Topical application or ingesting of fluids and liquids has several roadblocks and the efficacy of the treatment in those cases can also be reduced due to the mediums employed. With IV therapy, one can be assured that the fluid or liquid infused would directly enter the bloodstream and get circulated throughout the body without any loss of its potency.

Alternate Or Nonmedical Uses

There are many alternate or nonmedical uses of IV therapy as well. You may opt for IV therapy to get necessary nutrients in your body, which may not have anything to do with a medical procedure or treatment. From taking hormones to being administered supplements, IV therapy is used for various alternate purposes which are not strictly medical.