Sports Injury and Chiropractic – Weatherford, OK

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Sports Injury and Chiropractic – Weatherford, OK

Athletes who are both young and old might experience sports injury during their careers. There are several sports injury issues that are more common than others. There are also common methods of chiropractic therapy for sports injury that apply to each of these common issues. If you are hesitant about visiting a Weatherford OK chiropractor for sports injury therapy, you might want to rethink your stance. We will tell just why that is (and much more) in this article.

Different Types of Sports Injuries

There are several common sports injury issues. Some of the ones we see the most often include:

  • Tendinosis (tendinitis) or the overuse of a particular joint or a set of joints.
  • Stress fractures, which is caused by some sort of abnormal stress on an otherwise perfectly fine bone.
  • Sprains of tendons, muscles, or ligaments. This is another name for when ligaments in the body tear.
  • Strains of the same tissues as mentioned above. Strains are caused from some sort of twisting which is not normal or some sort of overextension of the tissues in question.

Being sure to do your part to prevent these injuries.

Common Chiropractic Therapy for Sports Injury

Even if the athlete in your life experiences sports injury issues of one kind or another, chiropractic therapy for sports injury is available. These forms of noninvasive treatments can get you back in the game quicker than some other therapies. Chiropractic therapy for sports injury may include things like treating with hot or cold packs. You may also be treated through joint manipulation. Compression is another form of chiropractic therapy for sports injury. Just know that your doctor will advise you to rest said injury a bit. Expect to have to keep it elevated in some cases, as well.

Who a Weatherford OK Chiropractor Can Help

No matter what sort of sports injury pain you might be experiencing, a Weatherford OK chiropractor can help. Best of all, a Weatherford OK chiropractor can help no matter you other health problems. They also treat patients of all ages. No matter what sport you got injured playing, they can help. Best of all, this sort of treatment is totally natural. You will be back in the game and better than ever in no time. For more information, just call your local chiropractic clinic. They can get you set-up for an initial appointment in only a few minutes.


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