The Dangers of Weight Gain

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The Dangers of Weight Gain – Weatherford Oklahoma

People who have weight problems often try anything to lose weight, and sometimes they find something that works for a while, but then they end up gaining back all that weight and maybe even more. Some people end up stuck a roller coaster of their weight going up and down, and there are many extreme weight loss weight gain dangers that can affect the human body. Weight gain can be bad enough, but unhealthy weight gain can cause a lot of problems and put the overall health of a person in danger. A person gaining too much weight can cause a number of different health problems.

Problems with the heart:  One of the biggest dangers of weight gain is the strain that it can put on the heart.  When there is too much fat in the body, the heart has to work harder in order to pump blood throughout the body. The excessive strain on the heart from unhealthy weight gain can cause a heavy person to have a heart related incident like a heart attack.

A person can end up with diabetes: Every year, millions of people are diagnosed with diabetes, and one sure way to get it is through weight gain. People who have gained weight are going to start to have problems with too much sugar flowing through their bodies. An excessive amount of sugar can cause people to develop problems with things like their eyes, their joints, their blood circulation, and nerves. Left untreated, people can start having serious health issues because of the diabetes, and some people have gone blind or lost parts of their bodies do to the damaging amount of sugar in their blood.

A person is at a higher risk for a stroke:  People who have gained a lot of weight probably got that way through unhealthy eating habits. A diet that consists of too much fat, and not enough fresh fruits and vegetables, is going to result in a higher risk for blood vessels in the brain to rupture, which is going to cause a stroke.

There are many dangers associated with a person gaining a lot of weight, but some of the biggest dangers can come from things like heart attack, stroke, and the chance of them developing diabetes.  While it is normal for people to lose and gain a few pounds, especially around the holidays, unhealthy weight gain can put them at risk for much more serious health conditions that can alter their life or even take it.


Dr. Cook