The Don’ts of Weight Loss Diets – Oklahoma Health and Wellness

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The Don’ts of Weight Loss Diets – Oklahoma Health and Wellness

Before men and women start a diet, they look at healthy weight loss diet and fitness potential of every diet out there before finally making a decision about which one to use. There are many weight loss diets that do not work, and after being on one of them for so long, people are going to wonder what they are doing wrong.  Some people reach out to their friends to find out what they are doing wrong only to be given bad weight loss diet tips. Here are some mistakes that people make while they are dieting that is preventing them from losing weight.

Eating Too Fast

Some people are in a hurry, and that shows too when they are eating a meal. While life can be busy at times, eating too fast is not going to help with a diet because people who eat too fast end up going back for more food, which is going to defeat the purpose of going on a diet in the first place.

Not Eating Meals

Men and women often think that if they simply do not eat then they will lose weight, but not eating is not going to cause weight loss, but may in fact cause weight gain because the body is going to hold onto fat because it is starving.  Dieters who want to lose weight need to eat three meals a day, and doing that is going to help them shed the pounds they do not want.

Substituting Drinks for Real Food

There is no substitute for real food, but dieters try and do anything not to eat it, like drink a lot of fruit smoothies or coffee drinks thinking that they are losing weight with their help. The fact is that smoothies and coffee drinks are full of fat, sugar, and calories, and drinking many of them a day is going to make diets gain weight not lose it. The only drink that a diet should be consuming a lot of is water, and all of the other drinks should be avoided.

Dieting is not easy, but what people may not realize is that they are actually hindering their efforts by doing things that are actually sabotaging their diets like drinking a lot of high calorie, fat, and sugar drinks, skipping meals, and eating meals way too quickly. There are many diets out there that actually do help people lose weight, but as long as they follow the rules of the diet, they will see that they have lost weight and feel a lot better.


Dr. Cook