The National Autism Awareness Month

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The National Autism Awareness Month
The National Autism Awareness Month brings together innovative self-advocates, autism thought leaders, families and service providers from across the nation to spread awareness and raise funds towards helping autistic people.

Defining Autism

Autism, otherwise known as autism spectrum disorder (ASD), is a neurodevelopment disorder that impairs a child’s communication and interaction with other people. It includes restricted, monotonous behavior, activities, and interests.

Causes of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Dr. Douglas Cook, a Weatherford OK Chiropractor, would like you to know that ASD has no single known cause. But because of the complexity of the disorder and the varying symptoms and severity, scientists think that there are several possible causes of this condition. These can be classified into genetic end environmental causes.

Genetic causes

Researchers think that there are several genes associated with ASD. For some children, genetic disorders such as the Ret syndrome or the fragile X syndrome have been linked to ASD. For others, genetic changes are thought to make them more susceptible to ASD, or create environmental risks that cause the illness. While in other cases, the gene disorders are believed to affect the development of the brain or change the way communication between the brain cells takes place. Some genetic problems may be inherent while others occur spontaneously.

Environmental Causes

Research has shown that viral infections, complications during pregnancy, and air pollution may trigger ASD.

Symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder

The term “spectrum” in ASD indicates a broad range of symptoms and severity of the illness. ASD affects perception and interaction with others, thus causing problems in social interaction, behavior, and communication. The following symptoms often accompany ASD.The individual:

• Does not respond when called or appears not to have heard you at times
• Resists cuddling or holding and prefers to be alone
• Has Poor eye contact and no facial expression
• Cannot start or maintain a conversation
• Has an abnormal tone or rhythm of speech
• Repeats words and phrases and doesn’t seem to understand how they are used
• Has Problems with coordination and movement
• Does not express emotions or feelings

How to Care for the Autistic Individuals

ASD has no known cure and doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all method of treatment. The goal of treatment, therefore, is to maximize the ability to function and reduce the ASD symptoms. Thus, there are several approaches to treatment.

• Behavior and Communication Therapy. This is meant to address a range of behavioral, social and language difficulties
• Educational Therapy. Autistic children have been shown to respond well to highly structured educational systems. Therefore, you should include a team of specialists and many activities to improve their social and communication skills
• Family Therapy. Parents and other family members should learn how to interact and play with challenged children in a manner that promotes their skills in social interaction
• Chiropractic care. ASD affects the central nervous system (CNS) in autistic individuals. Chiropractic care by your Weatherford OK Chiropractor attempts to adjust and restore the alignment and proper balance to the neuro spinal system which then restores the balance and function of the CNS. A repeated adjustment can lead to an improvement in the behavior, immunity, digestion, sleep, learning and many other aspects.

Almost all spectrum disorder cases are rooted in an overstressed CNS. Therefore, behavioral and family therapy combined with chiropractic care can make a big difference in your life or that of your loved one. So in commemorating the National Autism Awareness Month, if you need help, contact Dr. Douglas Cook, he will answer all your questions regarding ASD.