The Numerous Advantages Of Organic Foods

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The Diverse Benefits Of Organic Foods

Organic foods, usually also referred to as holistic food, consist of  healthy foods that create healthy lifestyles.

The basic explanation of organic foods is foods which are grown naturally and not cultivated by the use of chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides or insecticides. Organic foods are also those foods that are used as whole foods without the use of any artificial processing. Therefore, foods that are in tins or cans and also those that are processed are not considered organic foods. Vegetables, fruits and other foods that are grown naturally and do not have the detrimental effects of science and industrialization playing even the tiniest role are organic foods or holistic food.

  • The first major advantage of organic foods is that they are healthy. Most foods these days are either tinned or processed and they are richer in toxins than in nutrients. Large scale produces are mostly filled with all kinds of chemicals. Processed foods aren’t any better because there are many additives, preservatives and chemicals that are being added in order to add flavoring, for preservation and to try to make it taste better. All of these are all toxins that the body does not need and would not help the body in any way. Organic foods or holistic food are healthy food that creates healthy lifestyle. If you wish to live a fit lifestyle that is free of ailments, then organic foods is what you should endorse and solely rely upon.
  • The second major advantage of organic foods is the impact it has on the environment. The over use of many types of chemicals has resulted in the degradation of top soil. This is happening all over the globe, even in the least developed countries. All these factors such as, deteriorating soil, effects of chemicals being sprayed openly, chemicals being exposed into the air are all adding to global warming, deterioration of the environment and various other problems. In addition to natural soil losing their organic fertility because of the toxin rich chemicals the lifestyles and human health in areas nearby also get affected. The use of organic foods help breakaway from such practices. While using science to one’s advantage is desirable, exploiting science for unnatural yields is what is self defeating.

There are several other benefits of holistic food but these two should be good enough for all and sundry to switch to organic foods.

Here’s to eating healthy,

Dr. Cook