The Emphasis Of Pre-employment Physicals

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The Emphasis Of Pre-employment Physicals
Many jobs in the workforce can be mentally and physically demanding. That is why many places in the workforce need to emphasize pre-employment physicals for the optimum health of their employees.  Pre-employment physicals help in developing healthier lifestyles for employees.  Unfortunately , many organizations today do not emphasize on the importance of physical health, but focus only on skills, talent and experience.

DOT physicals or trucker physicals, however do not fall in the same category. If one needs to be  physically fit and healthy for work, it is important to have stamina and strength to successfully cater to the job’s main responsibilities.  In such a case, one cannot avoid pre-employment physicals.

DOT physicals as well as Trucker physicals are specifically essential because the well-being and safety of many people depend entirely on the shoulders of one or two people. Truckers need strength and endurance to be efficient in their jobs and stay focused. A driver of a large goods vehicle or a bus has a lot more to account for as compared to someone who has a desk job. Anyone working in any capacity at the DOT or truckers should undergo a pre-employment physical or DOT physical, regardless of how long or short the drive is.

Pre-employment physicals are perfect for anybody whose job deals with physical exhaustion. This ensures that the work is done properly and there is no harm caused to anyone, including the brand one is working for.

Drug testing is also part of the pre-employment procedure. Even if someone is fit and healthy, their job performance can be affected if they are under the influence of drugs. It is imperative to undergo pre-employment physicals and drug testing in order to maintain a healthy workforce.

When looked at from the larger perspective, the physicals and drug testing are a small initiative that goes a long way.

Stay fit,

Dr. Cook