The Significance Of Student Physicals

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The Significance Of Student Physicals

School physicals should be integral to the curriculum. Student physicals should be a regular feature and desirably it should be made mandatory. Many schools across the world have made student physicals mandatory. However, many among them do not manage to exercise their rule. Innumerable students in primary, secondary and high schools are prone to inactive lifestyles and shy away from student physicals. The time is rife to make school physicals imperative for all and sundry.

An unprecedented number of kids in the country are obese. This is a sufficient enough reason to make student physicals mandatory and this also establishes the significance of school physicals. Obesity is a major health concern. Numerous studies have proven that should one become obese, the affinity of that individual to put on weight becomes exponentially greater than what it should be for a kid or a teenager. Obesity leads to a plethora of health problems. One doesn’t have to wait for adulthood, midlife or ageing to develop myriad health conditions. Kids who are obese or even overweight would have at least a dozen different health problems, sooner than later.

Student physicals are extremely significant when you look at the lifestyles that kids live today. The overreliance on gadgets have kept the kids off the streets and playgrounds and confined them within their rooms. Video games, mobile phones, television and a lack of interest in real outdoor activities have contributed to the problem but it has also been worsened due to poor diets. Kids munch on everything that is unhealthy. To counter that, the only pragmatic solution is school physicals. If kids start to love outdoor activities, games and exercises, then the problem of obesity, inactive lifestyles and poor diets can all be countered.

School physicals are also significant because they help in grooming a child. When kids blend in with other kids, work out or indulge in games, work as a team and start to develop bonds with each other, they grow up as better kids and become good adults. When a kid stays at home all day and night, doesn’t socialize, knows nothing about team building or what team spirit and fellowship is all about, very little is being done to groom the child into a promising young adult.

In a nutshell, the significance of student physicals or school physicals cannot be overstated. Every school in the world should focus on it as importantly as they do on studies and increasing fees.


Dr. Doug Cook