What to Watch Out For in Fall Allergies – Weatherford, OK

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What to Watch Out For in Fall Allergies – Weatherford, OK

Fall is a wonderful time of year! The leaves are falling, the weather is getting a bit cooler, and the Holidays are almost here. However, fall allergies can be a real problem. This is especially true for those sensitive to some food allergens. Here, we will identify some common food allergens that might be around during the fall season. We will also tell you what you can do about these fall allergies to help prevent issues. Just follow this advice and you should be good to go.

Halloween Treats

Halloween means ghouls, goblins, and sweet treats. It can also mean a lot of dangers from food allergens. For young trick-or-treater who are sensitive to some things, Halloween can be more a trick than a treat. But you can prevent that by keeping on-hand treats that do not contain any food allergens and giving those (or trading them) to your child. Be sure that before you eat any tasty snacks that you ask about ingredients. Or read the label. Doing so can prevent you a lot of issues with fall allergies from food.

The Thanksgiving Feast

Who doesn’t love to gather around the table with loved ones and share a great Thanksgiving meal? We know we love this time of year. However, for those who experience food fall allergies, this might be tough. Lots of options (like pies, rolls, casseroles, and stuffing) at the Thanksgiving table contain gluten. Think about offering at least one gluten free alternative. Or make a gluten free feast! Also look for turkeys that are labeled as “natural”. These should not contain common food allergens such as soy, dairy, or more gluten, which some already basted or self-basting turkeys might contain.

How a Weatherford Oklahoma Chiropractor Can Help

Need more dietary advice? Or feel that your fall allergies (whether related to food or not) could use a bit of help? Then give a Weatherford Oklahoma Chiropractor a call today. We can help with fall allergies, nervous conditions (which allergies are), as well as other aches and pains. Through adjustments to your lifestyle, your neck, spine, and sound medical advice, you will see a real change in your overall health. All you have to do is make a new patient appointment with us. In most cases, we will be able to see you for your first appointment in only a few days.


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