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Weight Loss News – Weatherford Oklahoma

When you are searching for information the best information is what is current.  There are times when articles and information becomes outdated so finding the most current information will become the most helpful.

Weight Loss and Arthritis

The newest information on how losing weight helps arthritis has shown that with weight loss and exercise that is done regularly will ease arthritis inflammation and the pain associated with arthritis.  If you do just one of these it will help but doing the combination of them both will give you a better outcome in how you will feel.

There was a study is the latest weight loss health information medical news that has been completed on 454 obese and overweight adults whom all had between moderate to mild knee arthritis.  These individuals participated in exercise, diet counseling, or both in an 18 month period.  The individuals who participated in just the diet portion and they lost 10% of the weight they started at.  The individuals which participated in the exercise portion did so three times a week.  The individuals that participated in both the exercise and diet lost on the average 23 pounds.

Tips to Try

There are some tips to try as you are trying to lose your weight.  The food scale needs to be put away.  It is more about the portions that you are eating.  If you cut back on the portions you will do better.  Keep fruit handy.  Instead of having something that isn’t healthy for you as a snack try a piece of fruit.  Drink a shake.  You could drink a protein shake.  It will fill you up and then you won’t want some other high calorie item.  Have a motivation photo taken.  Have someone take before pictures of you.  When you need some motivation then look at the pictures.

There are many different tips that an individual can try when they want to lose weight.  The most important things to make sure of is that you stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.  You may want to try eating several small meals.  If you want a snack then eat fruit.

An ideal way to help with arthritis pain could be losing weight.  The excess weight that you are carrying around plays a role in how your body will act with your arthritis.  By losing extra weight you will find that it will help you by relieving your pain.


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