Where does Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Start in the Body? – Weatherford, OK

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Where does Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Start in the Body? – Weatherford, OK

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful and common disorder in your body. It is generally caused of repetitive stress or overuse injury associated with the repeated movements of the hands or the wrist.

Basically, blood vessels, nerves and tendons in the hand and arm that serve the fingers need to pass through a narrow tunnel that is formed through bones and ligaments in the wrist which is called carpal tunnel. They may pinch the median nerve if the tendons in and around the tunnel get swollen; this nerve passes through the carpal tunnel. That will eventually cause pain, numbness, weakness and other problems.

Studies and researches found out that people with a small carpal tunnel are more prone to this disorder though doctors can’t fully understand what produces these swelling or pressure. The condition is usually common with the assembly line workers.  Actually, carpal tunnel syndrome is three times more common to these workers than among typical data entry clerks. Posture may also trigger it. Some studies shows that arching your body, bending your wrist or even extending your arm outward from your body increases the pressure in the carpal tunnel. These forceful twisting action like the one you make when your turning a screwdriver or vibration such as when you are using a power grip bicycle handlebars for long stretches of time can also increase the tension in the tendons and ligaments in your hands and wrists.

Aside from that, it is found out that women have the more tendencies to acquire carpal tunnel syndrome.  They are three times more likely than men to develop this syndrome. Maybe, it is due to the size of their carpal tunnel. Women have smaller carpal tunnel. Aside from that, women suffer hormonal changes that took place during menstrual cycles, pregnancy and menopause which contribute also to the swelling of their hands including the wrist ligaments. Overweight, obese and inactive people are also prone to get a carpal syndrome same as people with endocrine disorders like diabetes and hypothyroidism. Many researches prove that these people with such conditions are prone to develop the syndrome because they also overuse their hands and wrists.

If you’re experiencing the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, it is better to see a doctor right away.  It can interfere with your normal activities and may cause further complications. It is also a good idea to ensure that a more serious condition that can cause similar signs and symptoms. Carpal tunnel syndrome if it is not treated right away can cause you constant pain and permanent nerve and muscle damage that could limit your ability to use your hands. Luckily, treatments are available especially if you diagnose the condition very early. One of the treatments is chiropractic treatment. Chiropractic care for carpal tunnel is usually at the wrist, the elbow, shoulder, neck or somewhere in between. Correcting it without surgery is the main concern of chiropractic centers such as Oklahoma Health and Wellness Center in Weatherford Ok Chiropractor who treats carpal tunnel.


Dr. Doug Cook